Interactive investigation Events

we are parody tribute acts, no way endorsed by original licence holders and create loving tribute shows using original scripts

An extra dimension to your crime solving fun!

Our adaptable Interactive Investigations will keep you on your toes, with or without food service, these mysteries can unfold anywhere, from dining rooms to several rooms and locations in any venue. These events feature the usual After Dark theatrics plus clues and puzzles to keep your little grey cells busy as you sleuth your way to victory. 


We can tailor the show to any venue or event; be it a journey on a train, a trip through a stately home, or a mission in a library, from an easy-to-solve family event or a more challenging case for the seasoned detective. Scroll down for our themes and visit our picture gallery to see our events in action!

Brief Encounter Show Banner

It’s the end of the line for someone at the Johnson Bay Station Café as our killer takes a night train to murder. It’s time to travel back to the forties as you become embroiled in a terribly, terribly awful murder over tea. This mystery is just the ticket for first class detectives. Just make sure you’re on the right track!

Did the butler do it?

Not in this case. One of the family wanted his Lordship dead in order to get their inheritance and stop him meddling with their life. The only way you'll solve this crime is by talking to the servants and finding out which of their gossip is true and who had the most to gain.

thumbnail_Counytry House Mystery Banner

Listen very carefully. We shall say this only once! The French Resistance has sent one of its operatives to Paris to pick up a painting that's been stolen from a Nazi vault. When the team from Cafe Rene go to meet him, though, they discover he's been killed and the painting is missing! Can you discover who's the double agent?

Cafe Rene Ello Ello Show Banner

It’s time to discover Who? What? And Where? When the remains of a body are discovered in the cellar of the Black estate, it transpires that the victim could only have been killed by one of six people in one of six locations by one of six weapons. So it’s time to roll the dice and see if you can solve which colourful character committed this cryptic crime.

Clue-Doh Mystery Show Banner


Death and Deadwood Show Banner

Who shot the sheriff? It's the ultimate Wild West question but it may be harder to solve than you imagine as some of the leanest meanest bandits in the West are in town and nobody knows their names, although you might by the end of the night. Can you unravel the mystery of who is who before you discover whodunit?

When you get a band of Gangsters and Molls all in one room then someone is bound to end up dead. Especially when there’s a dirty rat in their midst. Will the power of the syndicate prevail? Or will all the illegal bootleg liquor prohibit you from getting to the bottom of this criminal case? You’d better work quickly before you end up swimming with the fishes or find yourself buried in concrete boots. Remember, if you solve this case you’ll have dodged a bullet!

Death at Dons Mystery Show Banner

Put another dime in the jukebox! It’s time for the annual Interstate 55 Pie contest and Happy Al’s Diner are proud to be hosting the celebrations this year. There’s just one problem, it looks like murder is on the menu as our contestants become suspects! If you’re hopelessly devoted to solving this crime, then don’t get stranded at the drive-in and branded a fool, come and lend a hand-jive in catching this killer! Will it be easy as pie or turn into a recipe for disaster?

Fifties Diner Show Banner

For the first time in forever there’s a killer with a heart as cold as ice running loose in this kingdom and you’re going to have to catch them! Don’t just sit there chillin’, you’ll need to get looking for clues if you don’t want the case to go cold. It’s snow joke trying to solve this crime and you’ll need to make sure you don’t let it go or elsa another subzero suspect could end up catching their death!

Frozen Show Banner

It's the swinging twenties and The Gatsby Manor is the perfect place, for some, for a night of jubilations and Celebrations! Things take a turn for the worse when a guest ends up dead on their birthday. Who were they blackmailing and which cocktail spelt the end for this party goer?

Question the suspects, examine the evidence and uncover the truth in this classy criminal caper and avoid becoming a beautiful little fool!

Great Gatsby Mystery Show Banner
Invitation To Murder 1930s Show Banner

When famous golden age detectives are invited to a remote mansion by a reclusive author they get more than they bargained for as he reveals that one of them is the mysterious thief 'The Falcon'. Before he can reveal which one of them it is, he ends up dead.

Can you play detective and uncover the truth before it's too late. Questions the suspects and discover which of these super sleuths is really a super villain?

Beneath the glitz and glamour of 1940’s Hollywood there are secrets and lies to uncover as you become embroiled in a murder at the movies! Could the Starlet be behind the slaying? Did the director have anything to do with the death? Was the leading man involved in the mystery? It’s time for action as you attempt to uncover the clues on set, separate the lies from the lines and see if you can take home the award for best detective and make the final cut…. before the killer does!

Hollywood Themed Show Banner

Take a trip down the rabbit hole on a maddeningly magical murder mystery. At a very special unbirthday party the Cheshire Cat has ended up dead and the inhabitants of Wonderland are all in the frame for the crime. Was the March Hare mad with anger? Did the Queen of Hearts take off his head? Or was it the White Rabbit who made our victim late? They’re all mad here, but someone is madder than the rest so you’re going to have to try and keep your head if you want to solve this crime!

Alice in Wonderland Murder Mystery Show Banner

“Here we go again”! Murder is the “Name of the Game”, and we need you to be a “Super Trouper” and “Take a Chance” on finding the killer who is hiding out in an Abba Tribute Band!

Was Benny the Bad Guy? Agnetha the Assassin? Freda the Felon? Or are you looking for a natural Bjorn Killer? “Does your mother know?” who committed the crime because if you solve it “The Winner Takes It All”!
Join us for an evening of comedy, murder and song!

Mamma Mia themed murder mystery show Banner


There’s been villainy in Venice! But before you find out who’s done what you’ll have to find out who is who! Secrets and lies hide behind the masks in this murder mystery where you’re sure to have a ball trying to figure out who has the face of innocence and who is as two faced as they come. The Countess could be a killer, the Baron might be beastly and the Duchess could be the most deadly of all. Can you see past the glamour to unmask the miscreant by the end of the night?

Masquerade Show Banner

Come and mix with 1920’s high society beauties and amaze at the radiant resplendence of the Ritz!

But beneath the glitz and glamour all is not gorgeous. There are secrets and lies amidst the elegance and splendour and it’s up to you to crack the case before the lights go out on another victim.

Find out who’s putting on the Ritz in this fabulously flamboyant flight of fancy.

Murder At The Ritz Show Banner

Magic and Mystery collide as a murder plot unfolds and nothing is quite as it seems. The Chairman of a secret society has ended up dead and you are about to become embroiled in a magic circle of intrigue! Did the mentalist commit murder? Was the assistant an assassin? Could the Illusionist have done something illegal? The killer has got some tricks up their sleeve, just make sure you spot the evidence before it disappears. Can you solve the crime before the killer vanishes in a puff of smoke?

Murder Mystery Illusion Magic Show Banner

When there’s ancient treasure discovered in a long lost Egyptian Tomb, there’s only one man to call. Unfortunately Indiana wasn’t available so they sent for his little brother instead, soon to be embroiled in a murderous plot involving nefarious Nazis, mysterious mummies and a confounding curse. If you want to solve this crime you’ll have to dig for clues and try and whip up some alibis but don’t get wrapped up in all the red herrings or you might end up calling for your Mummy!

Mummy's Tomb Indiana Jones Parody Show Banner

It’s time to get on board the night train to murder at the second annual Hercule Poirot look alike competition. Someone has let their little grey cells go to their head as last year’s winner is discovered dead and it’s up to you to discover which one of the dapper detective’s doppelgangers did the deed. You don’t have to look like the Belgium detective, but you’re certainly going to have to think like him if you’re going to solve this confounding crime and be crowned super sleuth of the night!

Disorientated Express Mystery Show Banner

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - who is the most murderous of them all!

Once upon a time there was a murder in Story Book land and the suspects were the most notorious villains of all time. Was the Hatter mad enough to do it? Did Hook have a hand in the crime? Is Cruella's bark worse than her bite? Can you discover which of these bad guys is worse than the others and make sure this story has a happy ever after?

Once Upon A Crime Mystery Show Banner

When the world's greatest detective receives an invitation to a murder he realises that the criminal may be someone closer than he ever imagined. In fact it could just be Sherlock himself! Can you untangle the villain's riddle and solve this crime before the killer escapes justice forever? Why it's elementary my dear detective, question the suspects, examine the evidence and uncover the truth as the game is definitely afoot!

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Show Banner

Frontiers don’t get much more final than murder! There’s a killer on the crew of the starship and you’re going to need to beam up to find them out. Was the captain involved in the crime? Is the Admiral the Assassin? Could the doctor be responsible for the death? It’s a mystery, but not as you know it and no-one seems to understand the gravity of the situation so set your phasers to solve as you boldly go where no amateur sleuth has gone before…just don’t wear your red uniform!

Star Wreck Murder Mystery Show Banner

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky and one of them is also a killer! The residents of Terror Towers are out for revenge on the oldest and deadliest member of the clan and it’s up to you to dig up the evidence before the witching hour strikes! Is the vampire the villain? Did the Wolfman do the Wicked Deed or has the mad professor got murder on the brain. You’ll have a scream in this monstrous murder mystery. Just make sure you’re not next!

Terror Towers Mystery Show Banner

It's time to share out the booty as the Captains and crews from the Pirate Clans meet on Pirate Island. All was going well in the truce they had arranged until someone killed the pirate leader and stole all the treasure. Did the Rum go to Captain Mac Pigeon’s head? Did Captain Darcy O’live lose control of her cutlass? Or did Captain Flint Gunmetal’s flintlock fire off a deadly shot? Which of these pirates has carried out their revenge in the worst way possible?

Pirate Murder Mystery Show Banner

Christmas Themes

It’s the nightmare before Christmas and all through the house not a creature is stirring not even a mouse. But this is not a mouse hunt, it’s a hunt for a festive fiend! One of Santa’s elves has gone rogue and it’s up to you to catch the killer before Kris Kringle has to make his calls. Round up the reindeer and board the sleigh for this evening of fun. Fish for the clues and find out who is the festive felon!

Elf Street Christmas Murder Mystery Banner

It's time to find out what the Dickens is going on as a Christmas Party ends before it even begins as the host ends up dead.

But was she full of the Christmas spirit or did she get what she deserved?

Join us in this traditional festive frolic into the world of Charles Dickens with a Christmas Conundrum could that could reveal more than the suspects bargained for. God Bless us! Everyone.

Victorian Christmas Show Banner