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Interactive investigation Events

we are parody tribute acts, no way endorsed by original licence holders and create loving tribute shows using original scripts

An extra dimension to your crime solving fun!

Our adaptable Interactive Investigations will keep you on your toes, with or without food service, these mysteries can unfold anywhere, from dining rooms to several rooms and locations in any venue. These events feature the usual After Dark theatrics plus clues and puzzles to keep your little grey cells busy as you sleuth your way to victory. 


We can tailor the show to any venue or event; be it a journey on a train, a trip through a stately home, or a mission in a library, from an easy-to-solve family event or a more challenging case for the seasoned detective. Scroll down for our themes and visit our picture gallery to see our events in action!

thumbnail_Austentatious Banner.jpg

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single detective in possession of a good case, must be in want of a clue! There’s been a murder at Pemberley! So It's time to come to your senses, (and sensibilities) put away your pride (and prejudices) and put your sleuthing skills to the test to catch a most Austentatious killer!

Brief Encounter Show Banner

It’s the end of the line for someone at the Johnson Bay Station Café as our killer takes a night train to murder. It’s time to travel back to the forties as you become embroiled in a terribly, terribly awful murder over tea. This mystery is just the ticket for first class detectives. Just make sure don't lose your train of thought to remain on the right track!

Listen very carefully, we shall say this only once! The French Resistance has sent an operative to Paris to pick up a priceless painting, stolen from a Nazi vault. But when the team from Café Rene go to meet him, they discover he's been killed! Can you discover who's the double agent amongst the sausages, subterfuge and shenanigans!

Cafe Rene Ello Ello Show Banner

It’s time to discover Who? What? And Where? When the remains of a body are discovered in the cellar of the Black estate, it transpires that the victim could only have been killed by one of six suspects, in one of six locations, by one of six weapons. It’s time to roll the dice and see if you can solve which colourful character committed this cryptic crime.

Clue-Doh Mystery Show Banner
Deadly Ever After Banner.jpg

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - which baddie isn't so bad afterall?

The Storybook villains have created an alliance with plans in place to defeat each others nemesis, but when news returns that a foe didn't find their unhappily ever after, the fairytale felons turn to their minions to solve this twisted mystery! Can you uncover which villain is guilty of being innocent? 

Put another dime in the jukebox and get ready for a side of suspense with your fries! It looks like murder is on the menu, but when a curious incident shakes up the joint, it's up to you to dine and play detective! If you’re hopelessly devoted to solving this crime, then come and lend a hand-jive in catching this killer! Surely it should be easy as pie? 

Fifties Diner Show Banner

It’s time for an evening of murder and melodrama as the stage is set for some super soprano sleuthing! The Divine Diva has died on the opening night and it’s up to you to work in harmony, hit all the right notes and solve the crime. You’ll have to conduct your investigation carefully to uncover the secrets and lies of the lethal libretto. It's not over until the guilty suspect sings!

Death of a Diva Banner.jpg

It's the grand finale of the biggest baking contest! But this competition won't be a mere cakewalk. Intrigue, lies and deception are thrown into the mix, as someone's brewing a deadly plan for sweet revenge! Will the killer take the biscuit and fool you all, or will you ensure they get their just desserts? You’d be as nutty as a fruitcake to miss this mystery!

thumbnail_Bump Off Banner.jpg
Invitation To Murder 1930s Show Banner

A group of legendary detectives find themselves invited by a reclusive author to a remote mansion, only to discover that one among them is the infamous thief known as 'The Falcon'. Before the thief's identity can be revealed, their host is murdered. Don your detective hats and uncover which of these super sleuths is really a super villain.

The Don's gang gather to revel in their victory over a rival mob, but celebrations turn to investigations when they discover a dirty rat amongst their ranks! Will the illegal bootleg liquor prohibit you from getting to the bottom of this case? You'll need to work quick before the crew fit you for a pair of concrete boots and make you swim with the fishes.

Death at Dons Mystery Show Banner

Unbirthday tea and tarts turn sour as the Cheshire Cat is discovered dead and curiosity didn't kill them, one of the inhabitants of Wonderland did! Take a trip down the rabbit hole for a maddeningly magical mystery, they all mad here but someone is madder than the rest. Will you unravel the riddles and catch the killer? Just don't be late for this very important date!

Death Down the Rabbit Hole Banner.jpg

Let’s unite in music and mystery as the stage is set for a killer performance! You’ll need to pitch in and uncover who’s responsible for this dastardly
tone-death deed! It won’t be long before you’ll be making your mind up on a solution, but will you seek out the correct one before the final encore or end up with nil points?  

Eurovillain Banner 1.jpg

The party is in full swing, sparkling wine and conversation flows, that is until someone puts a stopper on the soiree, as things take a turn for the worse! Can you uncover which cocktail has packed a poisonous punch for a particular party goer? It's a criminal caper that will keep you on your toes, can you catch the killer and avoid becoming a beautiful little fool?

Great Gatsby Mystery Show Banner

It's time for an ABBA-SOLUTELY fabulous mystery as murder is the name of the game, we're calling on you to be our super trouper sleuths, ready to take a chance on uncovering the killer hiding in the Abba Tribute Band. The S.O.S has been sent, just make sure the guilty suspect doesn't slip through your fingers. Will you uncover the solution before the Killer takes It all?

Killer Takes It All Banner.jpg

The English village of St. Mardy Mare has become a bed of suspicion, as the village notice board is busy with seemingly stolen items, but the garden plot thickens at the In Bloom flower show when a judge unearths evidence that results in their murder, with the green fingers pointing at Miss Marbles! Can you weed out the truth in this horticultural whodunit?

Miss Marbles Banner 1.jpg

Join us for an evening of mystery, music, and mischief at Paris’ most extravagant nightclub. There’s secrets and seduction behind every boudoir door at the Moulin Rouge, but when the club owner is discovered dead. Come what may, you’ll need to piece the puzzle together and uncover all the clues amidst the twirling tulle and glittering cancan kicks. 

Moulin Rouge Banner 1.jpg

All is not what is seems behind the dazzling façade of the revered Ritz Hotel! A saboteur operates within the staff ranks. The head of security meets a first-class fate as he nears the truth, discovered stabbed within the establishment. The cracks are starting to show, but can you crack the case and help restore the Ritz reputation by catching the killer?

Murder At The Ritz Show Banner

Magic and Mystery collide as a murder plot unfolds and nothing is quite as it seems. The Chairman of a secret society has ended up dead and you are about to become embroiled in a magic circle of intrigue! The killer has got tricks up their sleeve, just make sure you spot the evidence before it disappears. Can you solve the crime before the killer vanishes?

Murder Mystery Illusion Magic Show Banner

It's the annual Hercule Poirot look alike competition and someone has let their little grey cells go to their head, as last year’s winner is discovered dead. Can you discover which of the dapper detective doppelgangers did the deed? You don’t have to look like the Belgium detective, but you’ll have to think like him if you’re going to solve this confounding crime!

Disorientated Express Mystery Show Banner

A well-choreographed crime has been committed at the local ballroom championships and it’s up to you to quickstep your way to the crime scene and catch this deadly dancer before they waltz away! You’ll have to use some fancy footwork if you want to out foxtrot the killer but will you hustle your way into first position and be crowned super sleuth? 

Strictly Banner.jpg

When the world's greatest detective receives an invitation to a murder he realises that the criminal may be someone closer than he ever imagined. In fact it could just be Sherlock himself! Can you untangle the villain's riddle and solve this crime before the killer escapes justice forever? Why it's elementary my dear detective, the game is definitely afoot!

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Show Banner

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky and one of them is also a killer! Monstrous machinations are in the making as one of the residents of Terror Towers is out for revenge on the oldest and deadliest member of the clan, can you lend a hand and dig up the evidence before the witching hour strikes?

Terror Towers Mystery Show Banner

Avast Ye, Mateys! There be treachery amongst the treasure here on the island as Captains and crews from the Pirate Clans meet to share the booty. All was going well in the truce they had arranged until one of the scurvy lot killed the pirate leader and stole all the loot! Can you map out the best course of action for catching this suspicious swashbuckler?

Pirate Murder Mystery Show Banner

Christmas Themes

Slay bells are ringing, it’s a nightmare before Christmas and all through the house someone is stirring up trouble at Santa’s workshop! One of the elves has found themselves on the naughty list! Can you uncover the killer before Kris Kringle has to make his calls? Round up the reindeer and board the sleigh, we’ll need this festive felon caught and the case wrapped up before the big day!

Elf Street Christmas Murder Mystery Banner

Deck the halls and catch a killer, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! It's not just holly that could be hung when Christmas celebrations turn sinister, as a victim has been found! Looks like someone has been up to nefarious deeds indeed, and it’s up to you to find out what the Dickens is going on in this traditional festive frolic. Step into the world of Charles Dickens for a Christmas conundrum like no other. 

Victorian Christmas Show Banner
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