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After Dark Comedy dinner SHOWS

we are parody tribute acts, no way endorsed by original licence holders and create loving tribute shows using original scripts

Looking for the comedy without the crime or clues?

Jam packed with Laughter and Song, the After Dark Comedy Dining Experiences bring your favourite television characters to life using brand new original scripts and exceptional improvisation skills. You’ll feel like you’re actually on the set of the show! All shows are fully rehearsed with a dedicated team of professional performers so that each performance is stylish, slick, professional and fun.

Specially formatted to take place over dinner, the action is continuous and the laughter never stops, as scenes of scripted comedy take place between your courses and the performers mingle with your guests whilst they eat. It is an unrivalled evening of entertainment like you’ve never experienced before. Scroll down for our themes or get in touch with our office team to find out more.

Allo Allo Dining Experience Poster After Dark

Allo Allo! This is nighthawk calling!

Listen very carefully, we shall say this only once!

Renѐ was hoping for a quiet night in his humble little café in Nouvion but things aren’t quite going according to plan. The Resistance wants to use his back passage to hide a special sausage, The Gestapo are planning a secret meeting, and everyone is looking for the Fallen Madonna with the big…. Well you get the gist! To top it all off Edith has decided to raise everyone’s spirits with a song. Join Renѐ and the rest of the Allo Allo gang as they become embroiled in all kinds of hilarious hijinks and crazy capers in order to get through the night. It’s a comedy dining experience like no other as Cafe ​Renѐ comes to life around you and your dining tables. ‘It’s a very fanny shoe. Don’t Moss It!’ As Officer Crabtree would say.

Anyone free for dinner?

It’s the annual Grace Bros. Gala Dinner Night and the staff from the first floor have been given the task of hosting the event. Things aren’t exactly going according to plan! Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy has got its paws on the starter, Mr Humphries is having problems with the meatballs and Miss Brahms is getting too much sauce from Captain Peacock. That coupled with the fact that Young Mr Grace is about to get engaged and no-one can find the ring means that the whole evening is a recipe for disaster! Join the Grace Bros Gang as they become embroiled in all kinds of hilarious hijinks and crazy capers in order to save the night so that everyone gets their just desserts! It’s a comedy dining experience like no other. Just ask Young Mr Grace. He said ‘They’ve all done very well.’

After Dark Are you Being Served? Dining Experience Poster
Ello Ello Cast Shot
Are You Being Served? Cast Shot
Allo Allo Cast Shot
Are You Being Served? Cast Shot After Dark
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