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Watch the scenes | Question the suspects | Solve the crime

You’re invited to an evening of comedy and murder as you witness the scenes of evidence come to life and the mystery unfold around your dining table. Interrogate the suspects as you dine and play detective in order to solve this dastardly crime. Just click the link below to access our themes on offer and to uncover more.

Criminal Cabaret Dinner Shows

Question the suspects | Find the clues | Solve the puzzles

These adaptable events will keep you on your toes, as the mystery can unfold anywhere, from dining rooms to several rooms and locations in any venue. Featuring the usual After Dark theatrics plus clues and puzzles to keep your little grey cells busy. Just click the link below to access our themes on offer and to uncover more. 

Interactive investigations

Question the suspects | Solve the puzzles | Enjoy the journey

After Dark are proud to be working with five of the best heritage railways to bring murder mystery events to their trains and tracks. Each stop and station offers a unique experience enhanced by the expert service and venues operational and catering teams, adding a whole new dimension to our Interactive Investigation Events. Just click the link below to access our themes on offer and to uncover more. 

Railway mysteries

Looking for the comedy without the crime or clues? 

Then we've got you covered with our comedy dining events! Jam packed with laughter and song, we'll bring your favourite television characters to life using brand new original scripts and exceptional improvisation skills. It is an unrivalled evening of entertainment like you’ve never experienced before. Just click the link below to access our themes on offer and to uncover more. 

Comedy Dining

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Uncover the evidence | Catch the culprit | Enjoy at home

The Lord of the Manor is dead! The servants are our lead suspects and it’s up to you as detectives to prove which one committed the dastardly deed. So what's it gonna be, good cop or bad cop? Picking from these two game versions will determine the type of investigators you’ll be whilst you try to solve the crime, but which detective will crack the case first?

Foul Play Game


Meet the characters | Complete the tasks | Solve the mystery

Part Mystery, part Scavenger Hunt and Treasure Trail, these interactive events are fun for all the family. Just make sure that your brain doesn’t get too teased and your mind too boggled whilst you seek out the solution. Characters, clues and codes are scattered across the venue, guests as detectives are invited to explore the area to seek out all the elements they’ll need to solve the crime.

Rolling Mysteries

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