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Criminal Cabarets: Dinner Theatre Events

we are parody tribute acts, no way endorsed by original licence holders and create loving tribute shows using original scripts

Looking for a little mystery with your meal? 

Then After Dark’s criminal cabaret, dinner theatre events are the perfect solution. You’re invited to an evening of comedy and murder as you witness the scenes of evidence come to life and the mystery unfold around your dining table. Interrogate the suspects as you dine and play detective in order to solve this dastardly crime.


Will you discover which of these larger than life characters committed the deadly deed?

Each mystery has its own unique set pieces and plot, you can expect the unexpected as After Dark presents an evening of entertainment the likes of which you have never seen before. Scroll down to see all our themes and visit our picture gallery to see our events in action!

A Glass of water for Mr Granger! There’s been a made to measure murder in menswear and it’s up to you to get your pants on and solve this mystery. Has someone been tampering with Mr Humphries Trousers? Is Mrs Slocombe’s pussy relevant to the crime? Will the killer be free or will you crack the case…and all do very well

Are you being Severed Show Banner

6 cast

Avast Ye Super Sleuths! It’s time to set sail on stranger tides for a Pirate adventure full of mutineers, mystery and murder. The search for a buried treasure guarded by a Caribbean curse leads to the discovery of a body. Which of your scurvy suspects committed the crime in order to reap the rewards of the dead man’s chest?

Body on the Black Pearl Show Banner

5 cast

Ask us for a double entendre and we'll give you one! Is there a doctor in the house? Matron wants to get wooed and Sir Bernard can see her predicament. Dr Carver has sore misgivings and Nurse Willing is determined to check his testimonials. If that wasn't enough things are about to become even more complicated as a patient’s death turns into a murder investigation! Oh, what a carry on!

Carry On Casualty Crime Show Banner

5 cast

It's time to watch out for things that get bumped off in the night!

A new heir has arrived at the house to claim his inheritance but he’s about to get more than he bargained for. Ghosties and ghoulies reside here and he doesn’t want to get grabbed by either! Will the new arrival survive the night or will one of these unusual suspects decide to split heirs before the evening is over? 

Carry On Haunting Homicide Show Banner

5 cast

The police are faced with the crime of the century! A missing diamond and a dead body. They need the greatest detective in the land…unfortunately, he’s not available so they’ve ended up with Clouseau instead! Can you match wits with the inimitable inspector and end up in the pink? It won't be easy; nothing worthwhile ever is. That's why Clouseau has always failed where others have succeeded…

Clouseau Crime Caper Show Banner

5 cast

NEW for 2024!
Details coming soon...

Criminal Minds Banner.png

5 cast

Things have taken a downright awful turn for the worse as someone has expired on the estate and the heir to the abbey is once again vacant, but with inheritance comes hostility. Was it the villainous valet, the lethal lord, the horrible heir or the deceitful duchess? Can you fathom the mystery of this manor and discover who it was? You know what they say, where there's a will there's a way.

Death At Downturn Abbey Show Banner

6 cast

Ello Ello! This is Nighthawk calling! Listen very carefully, we shall say this only once. A murder has been committed at Cafe Rene and it is up to you to evade the Gestapo, help the Resistance and keep the fallen madonna with the big boobies hidden whilst you search for the killer and solve this mystery. Including old-time singalongs and cafe cabaret, as office Crabtree would say: this is a viry fanny shoe.

Ello Ello Show Banner

6 cast

Here comes the bride looking for something old, something new, something borrowed and some helpful clues! A killer seems out to ruin the impending nuptials and it’s up to you to solve this crime so that the day is all about his and hers rather than his and hearse. 

Four Funerals and a Wedding Show Banner

5 cast

You stupid boy! There’s been a homicide on the Homefront, the usual suspects are all in the clear so it’s time to investigate the wonderful women of the war effort. Don’t panic and you could end up solving this crime, else we're all doomed! Who do you think you are kidding?!

Mum's Army Show Banner

5 cast

Welcome to The Gatsby Mansion on Long Island. The Year is 1922. The parties are bigger, the buildings are higher, the models are looser and the liquor is cheaper. But the cracks are starting to show in the lavish lifestyles of the nouveau riche and someone’s decided not to be a sport as the green light is lit for murder. Can you solve the crime or is the best you can hope for to be a beautiful little fool?

Great Gatsby Show Banner

5 cast

The residents of Monster Mansion prepare to welcome a new son-in-law into their family. He’s not quite what the gruesome gathering expected and the fun soon turns into a funeral as the mad professor gets murderous, the witch gets more wicked and the bride-to-be becomes bloodthirsty. You’ll have a scream with these suspects as you uncover the clues in the hope of solving this death over dinner.

Murder at Monster Mansion Show Banner

5 cast

Join us in Paris where the Bohemian Revolution is taking place at the Moulin Rouge, where rich and poor men come to be entertained by the high kicking dancers. Things are about to take a wicked turn though, as a love triangle forms between a writer, a courtesan and club's patron. Will love conquer all? Will the show go on? And Can Can Can you solve this crime before the final curtain falls?

Moulin Rouge Show Banner

5 cast

Something is brewing, about to begin at a high class home in Belgravia. A new nanny is hired to join the house staff but inductions turn to investigations as a body is found in the pantry. Looks like you'll need to pull some super sleuthing skills out of the bag to catch this killer. Come along Detectives, spit spot, we're banking on you!

Spoonful of Murder Mystery Banner.png




6 cast

It's time to be both shaken and stirred as you join the agents from the international secret service at the Casino Royale, on a mission to uncover a Spectre agent and stop deadly and dangerous information getting into the wrong hands. Someone is about to use their licence to kill though and it’s up to you to catch them. Will you be able to spy all the clues you need to solve this crime? 

Casino Royale Show Banner

5 cast

The Hills may be alive but the baroness is dead and it’s up to you to solve a problem like a murder. Was it a villainous Von Trapp or a Nefarious Nun who committed the crime? You’ll have to climb every mountain and ford every stream in order to find the clues and catch the killer. You best do it quick before it’s time to say So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight!

Von Trapp Murder Show Banner

6 cast

Christmas Themes

What the Dickens is going on? Let us transport you back to Victorian England where all of your favourite characters come to life...and at least one of them ends up dead! It's a murder mystery that can only be solved by travelling to the past, present and future. So join us in a Christmas Carol or two and God bless us every one!

Dickensian Christmas Show Banner

5 cast

Slay Bells are ringing over at Mistletoe Manor as the lady of the manor suffers the Kiss of Death and the servants are left to prepare the house for the arrival of the new heir. Can you solve this Christmas Crime and catch the Festive Felon or will you just end up being a Christmas Pudding?

Murder at Mistletoe Manor Show Banner

5 cast

Do you believe in Santa? That's not the only question that will need answering as you join us in the Christmas Grotto of 34th Street's most famous department store. The Axe has dropped as well as the prices for one of your suspects here tonight as Elf and Safety rules are clearly ignored. It's Snow Joke when it comes to this Christmas Killing. Can you solve the mystery or will you be a total sell out!

Miracle on 34th Street Show Banner

5 cast

Where’s the killer? Behind You! It’s the final rehearsal of the annual pantomime but disaster has struck. One of the stars has been found dead in the dressing room and the festive fun has turned into a festive felony. It’s time to question the suspects and find out if ‘Oh No They Didn’t’ or ‘Oh Yes They Did’ as the cast try to pull together and make sure the show will go on!

Pantocrime Show Banner

5 cast

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